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Quad ride

Quad ride

Quad et Buggy Palmeraie 

Take an exciting journey through the Moroccan desert and enjoy a half-day of Quad-

Bike riding through rugged terrain. After a pick-up from your hotel or riad in

Marrakech, head for the tranquility of the untouched desert, which has remained

hidden for centuries. You will journey through a diverse scenery of mountains, wild

palm groves, dry rivers, and rock desert.

See authentic Berber villages, where people still live in the traditional ways established

by their forefathers over 200 years ago. Stop at one of the houses to enjoy Berber

hospitality and a delicious mint tea. Back on the desert trail, pick up the pace and

discover the fun of off-roading as you begin your ride through a formidable landscape.


Rates : 

    Pilote : 60 €     
Passenger  : 30 €     
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