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The hidden​ smart restaurants of Marrakech

Like most of the treasure of the Medina, the most unbelievable restaurants are often hidden at the end of a street or behind a small door... In this post I will try to list some of the most beautiful places I've been since I'm living in the red city. (This list is exhaustive and only represent the experiences I had in this place).

Dar Zellij

Dar Zellij take place in a XVII's Riad, superbly restaured, it is one of the first restaurant I've been in Marrakech when I came here on my first visits in the red city.

tip : Ask me to book a table, they will send someone with red fez hat and a white djellaba to pick you up at the door of the Riad to bring you to the restaurant.

Price : Menu from 32€ / 350 dirhams

Palais Soleiman

Palais Soleiman is a XIX Palais located on the north side of the medina wall, not easy to access on your own but the place is totally amazing !

tip : Ask me to book a table, they will send a driver to pick you up at the end of the street, also I will make sure that they do a small privat visit of the Palais for you.

Price : Menu from 32€ / 350 Dirhams

La Maison Arabe

This restaurant are of course not the cheapest one of Marrakech but the moment you will spend there, worth every penny you invested, also for the quality of the service and the food if you compare to european restaurants it is only the price of any brewery..

So enjoy you are on hollydays !

tip : Ask me to book a table, we garentee our guest to have the best table around the swimming pool.

Price : A la carte starting at 15€ a course.

Also make sure to try one of our menu at Riad El Youssoufi specialy made for you by our cook Nadia. We received countless reviews telling us how good it was, don't miss it ! Looking forward to see you in Marrakech, Julien.

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