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Where to make a suit in Marrakech ?

As a longtime Dandy & well made cloth adept, I still wear my Parisian suit time to time, just because I like it :)

So I decided to create an article a bit far from the ones I usualy write but not so much as you have to know, tailoring is an old story in Morroco, which I'm not qualified enought to tell..


After few months in Morroco, I decided to give a try to Marrakech tailors. first I tryed one which clearly wasn't a tailor then I decided to persevere asked around and I found the one "Mister Mustapha Nadm", the funny thing is that I pass in front of his shop almost everyday's.

I did few suits with him and I'm really happy with his work, he is a bit more expensive than the other so called tailors but he provide really high quality of work.

The facts :

Fabrics : you have to bring it (where to buy) but he can order some for you

Labor : Around 160€ (depending on what you want)

Time : 5/6 Days

Time to make it : 80hours

People working on your suit : 3

Number of Fitting : 2 (and just one when you are a recurrent customer)

Go to Marrakech to have suits made will maybe become the new trend who knows ?


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