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Where to eat cheap & good in Marrakech ?

Marrakech is getting expensive years after years, so I thought about creating a list of restaurant to eat under 10€ in Marrakech. Most of those places are not fancy, but if you are on budget, the money for the value is great.

Kuizin, unique price 65Dhs one course & one bottle of watter.

Un Déjeuner à Marrakech, tiny rooftop with nice cuisine & cocktails, highly recommanded if you are near the main square.

Mama Africa is the place to go if you are looking for something different, I mean hippie atmosphere. I specialy recomend "Mama Poulet" + "Mama Mango cocktail" you will be around 75dhs.

Le Bistrot Romain located in the new city, behind "Plaza", a nice affordable buffet for only 89dhs.

Mama Mia, italian food all the pizza and pastas are less than 100dhs.

L'Annexe (Menu for lunch only), I particulary recommand this restaurant for lunch, they serve a high quality lunch menu : 100dhs main course or 140Dhs starter / main / dessert.

L'Atelier Cuisine, unique price 110dhs 3 courses, traditional french cuisine really well executed, I could go everyday !

Kech Burger, Gourmet Burger at cheaper price than Mac Donnald's.

L'Auberge Espagnole, a nice selection of tapas between 35dh and 75dh. (Only open by night)

Bon appétit !


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